"Runbio" Pregnancy Tests Strips

Runbio tests are are manufactured by a Canadian sponsered company and approved by the FDA and CE and, therefore, meet the strictest quality standards.

These pregnancy tests are capable of providing a positive pregnancy result as early as one day after a missed period.

Each test is packaged individually in its own sterile pouch. There are written instructions on every pouch. And you can rest assured that we will ship

your order in plain, discreet packaging.

Please select a quantity from the drop-down box. Note that the higher the order quantity, the lower the unit price! If you need any more information

before ordering, please Contact Us.

  • Easy to use Easy to read Accuracy:

  • 99.5%

  • Read results within 3-5 minutes

  • Room temperature storage

"Runbio" Pregnancy Tests Strips

Pregnancy Tests

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